80% of Australians don’t see Financial Advisers,
80% of Australians rely on the Government Pension in retirement.

Financial Advice at any stage of your life is important and will change your life.

A Free Consultation is a way to engage us as professionals at no charge to ensure that we can assist you with your goals, needs & objectives.

20% of Australians use Financial Advisers,
20% of Australians control their Retirement.

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Meet Our Team

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

  • From the get-go, my experience was exceptional. The easy, calm, & relaxing environment made the topic of finances a pleasurable experience.


  • Arkadiusz’ has a passionate and unrivaled knowledge of the insurance industry intricacies.

    His invaluable help allowed me to receive a policy with:

    Better definitions / more comprehensive cover
    Cheaper premium cost
    No loadings or terms
    Removal of a previous Health exclusion which should not have been there in the first place

    It’s a real mine field having to review your insurance. Also the companies can be extremely challenging, Micro focused and time consuming to deal with on your own.

    Arkadiusz confidently guided me through the different options leading to an outcome I would not have achieved on my own.


  • Recently joining RKDS financial planning as a new client, I must say I was thoroughly impressed with the experience/service I had received. 

    I had reached out to RKDS originally as I needed some support with budgeting/saving as being a young man with a fairly reasonable disposable income meant that I was shooting it all down the drain with my lavish lifestyle which meant that I had nothing to show for (a lot of people in my age can relate).

    With my best interest in mind, Arkadiusz reviewed my financial situation in full and directed me with a solid strategy to significantly reduce my debt and also create a savings hub and continues to support me and hold my hand through this process – I am pleased to say that 3 months in I am seeing the fruit of that labour. 

    Also, Arkadiusz has set up me up with a well-structured life insurance/ income protection plan that would look after me financially if I couldn’t work which majority is funded in super to maximise/ save me out of pocket costs. 

    I feel really supported by Arkadiusz and glad to have the financial security if something bad were to happen. 

    I couldn’t recommend RKDS financial planning more!


  • Arkadiusz was extremely helpful setting up my insurances. I was a tough client to look after due to some pre-existing medical issues however Arkadiusz spent the time and made the effort to get me fully covered. Forever grateful.


  • Efficient and helpful service.

    DR. GA

  • Arkadiusz has been amazing in helping me with financial advice from consolidating my supers into one and keeping me on track with my savings. His level of care far exceeded my expectations and I would recommend him to anybody in need of financial advice regardless of your status.


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